Hey, I’m Dr. Brian Morton, and I help savvy professionals like you elevate your skills and dominate your profession using language.

With some very simple strategies and a few key pointers, you can start to learn Spanish while you snooze. Leverage your ability to learn a new language and skyrocket your position into the salary of your dreams.

I’ve seen clients make a few minor adjustments to go from frustrated to being completely over the moon.

I’m here to help you make the same shift.

I’m an entrepreneur, a teacher, and I have a decade of experience teaching in the field of education.

I love teaching so much, I can’t even tell you.

Through my YouTube channel, I teach working professionals how to learn Spanish by learning Spanish. My work will help you increase your skills and earnings, and (maybe most importantly) capitalize on your uniqueness!

Basically, I can help you learn Spanish, and at a comfortable pace through my incredible, game-changing course, Learn Spanish Fast Course.

I also have a TON of freebies that will help you learn Spanish fast and make you feel like the superstar you are, both online and IRL. It’s about time…right?

As far as what you can expect from me, I post new videos every weekend (Friday/Saturday) and I don’t mind saying that it is AMAZING.

I make sure all of my video content focuses on creating massive value for you.

My mission is to help you LEARN Spanish, and create a BETTER LIFE for yourself. All of my content is made with this goal in mind. I know the struggle of learning Spanish intimately…I have learned Spanish from the ground up!

So, if you want to get started RIGHT NOW, I’ve created an ebook for you called, “The Best Way to Learn Spanish Fast”. It’s going to meet you where you are, and help you skyrocket your quest to learn Spanish at your pace.

So what are you waiting for? Smash that download button, and get on your way!

About Dr. Morton

Teaching Spanish is my jam, and I am so grateful to do what I do. Because really, helping you communicate authentically is the BEST thing that I can do to help you become successful in every area of your life.

There are enough fake, filtered, imposters on the internet…we certainly don’t need any more of it. What we do need is YOU. 100% YOU, doing what you do best, and helping others along the way.

When the real-ness starts to come through, you won’t believe what happens to your goals. Think: wildest dreams come true.

So…some history: I was basically born a teacher, and I have about a decade of experience as a teacher.

After receiving my doctorate in education, I had a major breakthrough, and I decided to start a business to help people learn Spanish.

I started working with teachers, administrators, professors, and professionals to help them translate their message to other Spanish speakers. And I tell ya, there is nothing that compares to helping people reach their own versions of success.

And when I’m not creating content, coaching clients, you can find me sweating my face off jogging, dancing to salsa music (did someone say Oscar de Leon?!), watching reruns of Seinfeld, or road tripping to a music festival!

Some more fun details that you may want to know:

  • I’m 77.5% African American, 12.5% Japanese, 10% Native American, 100% tall (5’11), and a very proud Californian


  • Yes, I was a teacher at one point in my career


  • I was an intern for a student-run television station in college, but now I have applied my experience to producing my videos.


  • As an actor turned teacher turned entrepreneur, I know what rejection feels like and I can tell you, the fear of failure should not keep you from living a life you love. If I can do it, so can you!



You can reach me at info@justdrmorton.com.

Want to challenge yourself? Head over here to take my Spanish quiz.

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about Dr. Morton